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Somerset has one of the most varied and attractive wetland areas in the UK, recently enhanced by the creation of 'Favourable Conditions' for wetland species.  Huge numbers of wintering birds feast on the levels and otters are becoming a common sighting.  The visitor is always guaranteed an avian treat!

A proposed modification to the Bridgwater tidal barrier now being investigated would create a network of navigable waterways across Somerset's moors and levels, providing unique access to a panoply of nature reserves and wetland habitats.

The electric shuttles based in the visitor centre provide sustainable quiet access to the natural environment and enable visitors to appreciate Somerset's stunning natural landscapes and biodiversity from mobile 'hides' as well as offering appropriate access to the many wetland businesses and attractions adjacent to the Rivers Tone and Parrett - and, of course, along the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal.

Making the most of the Wetlands

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